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CPCS A09A Forward Tipping Dumper Courses.
  • CPCS A09A Forward Tipping Dumper Courses.

    Excluding Sales Tax

    For CPCS A09A Forward Tipping Dumper we run either an experienced or a novice course.  On passing the course the CPCS Trained Operator (red) card is awarded, which demonstrates that you have been trained to operate the machine safely and efficiently. CPCS is the most widely recognised construction card in the UK and the benchmark standard for most large construction sites.


    The experienced course is designed for the operator who has industry experience but now needs the card to prove that. This includes a theory prep session (the theory test is a verbal test, not written) and then the actual test day.  There is the option to include some practical preparation (pre-start checks, machine familiarisation etc) if wanted but please note this is not training.


    The novice course is suitable for someone with little or no experience.  This includes a theory prep session and a practical training session.  This would be either a 2-day course or a 3-day course depending on numbers on the particular course dates. Two or less it would be delivered over two days.  With 3-4 candidates it would be delivered over three days.


    If you already hold the 'Red' card we can advise on how to get your  Competent Operator or 'Blue' card and for 'Blue' card holders we can advise on renewing.


    If you would like more information please don't hesitate to get in touch using our contact form, email at or call on 01403 782670 / 0800 170 7477.

    • Delegates must have passed the appropriate NOCN or CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test. This must have been taken no more than 2 years before the date of the test day.

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