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Slinger Signaller working with a mobile crane.

CPCS A40 Slinger/Signaller is for those working in the lifting industry. The job of the slinger/signaller includes calculating load size, load weight and distribution, guiding the movement of loads to different locations with accuracy and safety and signalling to the machine operator, directing the machine operator when they can't see the full path of the load.


There are 3 types of courses available:


  • Novice – This is a 4-day course which includes a day for testing at our Sussex training centre. This is designed for operators with little or no experience.

  • Experienced – This is a 2-day course for experienced operators who have the industry experience but now need the card to demonstrate that and to improve career opportunities.  

Pre-Course Requirements


Delegates must have passed the appropriate NOCN CPCS or CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test, which must have been taken in the 2 years before the date of the technical test.


Slinger Signaller Plant Training Course Details


  • Roles and responsibilities

  • Regulations and legislation

  • Pre-inspection checks

  • Accurate load placement

  • Maintaining safe working

  • Identify the centres of gravity and estimate the weights of loads

  • Securing various load types to a lift hook using the appropriate lifting accessory

  • Ensuring load balance, security and integrity

  • Direct and guide the movement of loads to different location types

  • Communication procedures: arrange, use and comply

  • Out-of-service and securing procedures

The Technical Test


  • Theory Test – This is a one-to-one verbal question and answer test which is recorded.

  • Practical Test – The candidate is assessed for their ability to select the correct lifting accessories, check certification and safely attach them to loads. Candidates will also guide the load using the correct hand and radio signals.


Successful candidates receive the CPCS Red Trainer Operator Card endorsed with the appropriate category. The Red Card is valid for 2 years. Within this time, you must complete the NVQ Level to convert the Red Card to the Blue Card (CPCS Competent Operator).


Grants can be claimed by employers registered with CITB (as levy payers). This is available for employees who have completed slinger signaller plant training at our Sussex centre. Grants are also available to those who have passed the CPCS technical test or achieved an SVQ or NVQ.

We are also able to deliver the Plant Pro Operator Certificate on-site training for slinger/signaller training. This can be delivered at the customer’s location, anywhere in Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire or the South East or at our training centre in Billingshurstfor greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness.


For more information, or to book a slinger/signaller training course in Sussex, call Main Training Ltd now on 0800 170 7477.

Forward tipping dumper at work


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