CPCS - Standards you can trust.

It isn't a legal requirement to have a CPCS card or any specific card, the requirement is to demonstrate that you have the relevant training and/or experience for your machine. A card scheme however is a straightforward way to do this.

Not all card schemes are the same and with CPCS it is more than just being given a card to get on site, it's about knowing you have had the training to be trusted to do a good job and to do it safely. A CPCS card helps prove people have the skills and knowledge to do their job, competently on site.

CPCS standards ensure a higher level of testing with greater levels of quality assurance.

A CPCS card is accepted on all UK construction sites and in many cases is the only card to be accepted.

At the beginning of March, CPCS became part of the NOCN group, one of the largest awarding organisations in the UK. NOCN has retained the experienced management committee who have the technical and industry knowledge and NOCN promises to continue to invest in the scheme to deliver further value to current and future operators and this includes the introduction of Smart Cards and Digital Logbooks.


CPCS, now part of the NOCN group, one of the UK's largest Awarding Organisations.