CPCS A17D has been replaced

At end of March 2018 the A17D category was withdrawn by CPCS. It has now been replaced by the new stand alone category A77 Telescopic Handler 360 Slew. What does this mean for CPCS A17D card holders?

Effectively, everyone that holds A17D currently are having it stripped from their cards, regardless of whether it is a red or blue card, when either:

  • their current card expires.

  • or when applications for amendments to their cards are made e.g. addition of a new CPCS category even if this is before the expiry date (see below for the exception to this).

All current testers also have to be re-tested on telescopic handler with 360 slew and all test centres have to apply for accreditation to this new category.

There is a transitional test that current A17D card holders can take to achieve the new A77 roto category on their cards. The new A77 category does include the suspended loads endorsement, which is good news for those that haven't already taken the separate test to have had this added to their current card.

Those that apply to make any amendments to their cards (e.g. addition of a new category) before 28th August 2018 will be issued with either a red or blue card for A17D for a defined period of 12 months. This 12-month period is to allow sufficient time to take the transitional test. There is no grace period.

If you apply to make changes to your card after 28th August 2018 then the Roto category is removed completely until you have taken the transitional test.

CPCS will be writing to all current A17D card holders to make you aware of the scheme changes and to advise you to contact your local CPCS test centre for the transitional test.

Please do get in touch with any questions you have.