The CPCS Red Card - not a magic ticket....

I'm often asked will I get work with this ticket? The CPCS Trained Operator card known as the red card is the first step to becoming a competent and experienced operator. It demonstrates to employers you have been trained on that machine and that you proved yourself to be a safe and efficient operator that has earned the right to hold that card. The CPCS card scheme is the most widely accepted card scheme in the UK construction industry and is considered the benchmark industry standard.

The question should be however, will I be able to stay in work with this ticket? It will certainly open doors and broaden employment opportunities but what happens after that is down to you. If you can't operate the machine or can't operate it safely you will be kicked off site. There is no place for someone who is inefficient or unsafe on a construction site, they have deadlines and the safety of their workforce to think about. The quality of the training delivered is the key here, it's not enough to just be given the red card.

When considering which training provider to use I know price and pass rates are important factors, but perhaps not in the way we would think. Too cheap a price, is it too good to be true? and the pass rate doesn't tell you the story after. It's a known fact that cards have been just issued, it does go on (we have had candidates shocked that they have had to actually turn up and attend the course) but if the card holder can't do the job, can't keep a job or injure or cause a fatality it's a criminal/legal matter or a failed investment at the very least.

At Main Training, we can deliver quality training. Some facts about our novice excavator 360 courses:

  • We now deliver these with a ratio of one candidate to one machine. This maximises time at the levers and gives the candidates experience with different size machines.

  • Our trainers and/or facilities are often used by other training providers to deliver their own novice courses.

  • We don't have a 100% pass rate, sometimes a little more time is needed in the classroom or with the machine. We won't just take your money and send you off unlikely to keep a job.

  • We offer the option to split the course and cover the theory part first (not a written test but a verbal question and answer session) for those who are concerned about this part before moving on to the practical element.

We don't just issue our cards, the candidate will have earned that card and can take pride in that. Employers/building sites and the like can be assured that someone who has been trained at Main Training achieved that card on merit and so could be a safe and valuable asset to their company or project.

So, the red card isn't a magic card it can open up opportunities but the rest is up to you.